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Hattiesburg native and USM alumni elected as Hub-City's Ward 5 Councilman

HATTIESBURG, MS. - Hattiesburg Ward 5 residents will see a new councilman starting July 1.

Nicholas Brown, 34, is a Hattiesburg native and University of Southern Mississippi (USM) alumni. Brown defeated longtime councilman Henry Naylor after 16 years of service.

He has lived in Ward 5 for 12 years and said it needs improvements. “Well I really wanted to make a change, this has been on my mind for years, this is something that I really want to do" said Brown.

During his campaign Ward 5 residents voiced their concerns and feels the city leaves them out. Brown wants to focus on Ward 5 and its potential of becoming a better place.

Residents voiced about, “Necessities done, they want the water and sewer updated, they want roads repaired, not patched" said Brown.

He continued, "A lot of open ditches they want cleaned out, put covers in where they can, sidewalks in a few areas, better lighting, a few speed bumps, there are some areas around the Rowan School that need speed bumps.”

Mayor Elect State Representative Toby Barker is pushing for town hall meetings the first couple months in office and Brown said he will do the same and listen to the concerns of Hattiesburg residents.

FOX 23 asked Brown, “What do you want to take your away your first term?” He responded, “It is not about us, the mayoral candidates, the council candidates, its about the people."

"It is about the community, its about making smart decisions with the tax dollars." "If we can communicate well among one another and with the community, to figure out what the concerns are and what the needs are, I think things will flow a lot smoother" said Brown.

According to Brown he defeated Naylor by at least 400 votes, but he said they keep a positive relationship.

“If there is anything I need transitioning he said he would be there for me" Brown said.

Brown runs his own landscaping business in Hattiesburg.



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