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Tropical Storm Cindy update

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. - Tropical Storm Cindy is expected to begin Thursday morning.

The storm will consist of heavy rainfall and flash flooding.

"We got about two inches overnight last night in places throughout Lamar County. If we get the 4-6 inches they're predicting from here on through, we can see 6-8 inches," said James Smith, Lamar County Emergency Management Director.

With this amount of rainfall, Smith said people should not drive in flooded areas.

"Water is probably the number one cause of death in these storms like this. So just pay particular attention to that. If you're in a flood point area, go ahead and make plans to either raise your furniture or to be ready to evacuate," said Smith.

One citizen picked up a few sandbags to put in her backyard to stop the rain from flooding certain parts of her house.

"I've seen worse, as I'm sure a lot of other people have. But that's just part of it. We just happen to be living in that region. And, so, I'm just trying to be proactive, stay ahead of it because I know what it can turn into," said Barbara McGilvery.

Smith said Tropical Storm Cindy should end by Friday night.

Smith also said the Lamar County Community Shelter is open to those who wish to go there for safety.



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