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Mississippi State, JCJC sign agreement to benefit students

ELLISVILLE, Miss. - Officials from Mississippi State University (MSU) and Jones County Junior College (JCJC) signed an agreement Wednesday to help students complete their bachelor's degree through the Partnership Pathways program.

"This will enable students in this area to stay local, pay less, and earn more. We will work with Jones Junior College to ensure the barriers that students sometimes face when they transfer are removed," said Dr. Judy Bonner, MSU Provost and Executive Vice President.

This partnership will give JCJC students 15 academic degree programs to choose from that are offered at the Mississippi State-Meridian campus.

Advisors will also help students take the steps they need to get their four-year degree.

"We're extremely excited because it's going to open up several pathways for our students to get their bachelor's degree. We believe in the faculty and the staff at Jones, and certainty do so at Mississippi State. And we know this is going to be extreme quality, a great education for these students," said JCJC President, Dr. Jesse Smith.

Mississippi State and JCJC are also working on a federal, financial aid, consortium agreement.

"What that allows a student to do, particularly in their last semester of enrollment when they may not need to have full-time enrollment at Jones, is it allows them to enroll in the courses they need here, and go ahead and start on courses on a Meridian campus as well,” said Dr. Terry Cruse, MSU-Meridian Administrative Director and Head of Campus.

East Mississippi Community College, Meridian Community College, and East Central Community College also have the Partnership Pathways agreement with MSU.



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