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Fireworks safety tips

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - People will be celebrating this 4th of July weekend by lighting off fireworks; but, fireworks can be dangerous if you are not careful.

Hattiesburg Police Officer, Lt. LaTosha Myers-Mitchell said, "It's very important if you decide to use fireworks and you go outside the city, if you go into the county, and use fireworks that you have adult supervision with children using fireworks at all times. I know it's a fun time, we have a lot of reunions, a lot of family gatherings where kids may not be supervised all the time. But if there's going to be fireworks, we encourage you to watch your children a little bit closer."

It is illegal for people to use fireworks inside city limits.

Police encourage folks to use fireworks on gravel roads and not near trees.

"If we catch you in possession of fireworks, it's a misdemeanor charge. We may just take the fireworks from you to prevent any harm from happening. We want the citizens to enjoy themselves. But we also want them to abide by the law and still be safe," said Myers-Mitchell.



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