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Pine Belt citizens receive free eye care

LAUREL, Miss. - Southern Eye Center hosted its 23rd annual Gift of Sight program Wednesday.

Ten people who normally might not be able to afford it were selected to receive free cataract surgery.

Eye surgeon, Dr. Kiper Nelson said, "This is the first time that this level of state-of-the-art eye care has been available here in Laurel. Before now, patients had been able to go to Hattiesburg, or Jackson, or Birmingham and receive this level of care with all the latest technology equipment. But, now, we got it right here and patients are not having to travel."

Nelson said each procedure took about ten minutes, and he was happy to help people be able to see again.

"When we have a patient that comes in and they're unable to work because they can't see, they're unable to enjoy their hobbies or whatever it is they do. And then we bring them in, remove a big mature cataract. And 10-15 minutes later they're able to see again for the first time in years, and able to get back to the things they enjoy is very satisfying," said Nelson.

B.J. Crosby was supporting his wife who received the surgery, and he was happy with the results.

"They did good. And you know I would request for anybody to come here," said Crosby.

Nelson said patients immediately noticed the difference once they stepped foot outside after receiving surgery, and are able to get their full vision back and go to work within a couple of days.



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