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Search warrant lands 4 people behind bars in Sumrall

LAMAR COUNTY, MS. - The Lamar County Sheriff's Department executed an early morning search warrant Thursday that landed four people behind bars. Authorities say all four individuals are facing multiple charges.

"Search warrant executed Thursday morning around day break at a residence on the 100 block of Doc Gore Road in Sumrall" says Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel.

Rigel says 6 people were at the residence. "Four had warrants and were arrested" Sheriff Rigel says.

Authorities seized meth and several guns. "This is a result of a long-term investigation at the residence."

The following four are arrested and awaiting bond:

  1. Taffy Leann Lewis, 36 of Columbia - Felony sale of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance

  2. Michael Paul Lewis, 36 of Sumrall - 2 counts of controlled substance (sell, transfer and distribute)

  3. Shirlon Denise Holifield, 40 - 2 counts of conspiracy to commit a crime-felony and contempt of court

  4. James Mitchell Graham, 28 - one felony sale of controlled substance



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