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Laurel City Council continues Utility Improvement Project for road repairs

LAUREL, Miss. - Laurel City Council will continue to repair the city's damaged streets.

“Laurel’s streets are in terrible condition. So along with the council we agreed to borrow ten million dollars to do some work on the streets. This ten million dollars will not cover all the streets that need paving but it will give us a good ways to go.” Johnny Magee, Mayor of Laurel, said.

Magee says right now the city is focused on two and a half miles from central avenue to the city limits. “We will redo all the water lines and all the sewer lines, and we will also redo the entire street. It will be a perfectly smooth ride when they finish and were going to do the same thing when they finish on 13th avenue...and both of these are very much traveled streets, people use them constantly so I know they’ll be appreciative of the smoother ride they’ll be having.”

The mayor said tax payers will be responsible for paying back the $10 million dollars over time.

“We’ll pay it back with tax payer money but that’s one thing I think Tax payers understand, that their money is not going to waste. It’s going to things they can see, and next year we plant to buy some new vehicles for all city departments including the police. And I think they’ll see that and also realize that its money well spent.”



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