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William Carey reopens Ross Anatomy Wing

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The devastating EF-3 tornado that hit William Carey in January damaged 49 of its 50 buildings.

William Carey recently reopened three of its four medical school buildings. And on Wednesday, the university reopened its 4th medical school building, which is the Ross Anatomy Wing.

Dr. James Turner, Dean of College of Osteopathic Medicine said, "We have truly been blessed by the Lord, and all of the people in Hattiesburg that came together and helped us immediately after that tornado. Their support was invaluable. And that's the only way we made it back in seven months."

The new anatomy lab has new computers, a new ventilation system, more lighting, and is a 1/3 bigger in size.

Medical student, Manjot Mashiana said, "Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it. It's way bigger than our old lab was. We were here pre-tornado. I know it gives us more learning opportunities for the new incoming first years who get to utilize the lab. And I think it's absolutely wonderful."

Medical student, Joseph Enriquez said, "It's really cool how they're incorporating so many new resources. It really lifts the school up from wherever we were before."

The lab is named in honor of Dr. Randolph Ross and his wife, Brenda.



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