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LPD receives Narcan training

AUREL, Miss. - Laurel Police Officers received a visit Wednesday from the Mississippi Department of Mental Health to help them with Narcan training.

Outreach coordinator, Angela Mallette said, "In situations where someone is overdosing, it is used to bring them out of an overdose situation."

The department received 22 doses of Narcan Nasal Spray. Sergeants and lieutenants will be the only one's using it at this time.

Laurel Police training officer, Cpt. William Sparrow said, "I'm sure every officer we've got has been to a scene, and seen an overdose patient, but you can't do anything but wait for the ambulance to get there. And a lot of times, police officers get there first. And if we can start the treatment protocol, we might save some lives. And that's what we want to do."

Mallette said Mississippi is 5th in the nation for opioid prescriptions per people.

"There are people losing their lives every day to this disease. And Narcan is a tool. It's not the answer, but it is a crucial tool to help save lives in Mississippi," said Mallette.

If an officer comes in contact with a person who is overdosing, then that officer will use the Narcan on the individual, and wait on the ambulance to further treat him or her.

If you or you know someone who is struggling with opioid addiction, you can contact the Mississippi State Targeted Opioid Project at (601) 398-4406.



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