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Pine Belt priest receives Kindness in Action recognition

HATTIESBURG, MS. - An Ireland native and Priest for over 30 years, Father Tommy Conway, strives to make a difference in the lives of others.

Father Tommy is a former Sacred Heart and St. Thomas priest. He relocated 4 years ago to start Saint Fabian Church in Lamar County.

Regardless of his location he makes it his mission to help those in need. “Helping is helping and human beings are human beings" says Father Tommy.

Every week he visits and gives all his time to help the homeless, hungry, cancer, and hospice patients.

“It comes all natural of what I have been called to do as a priest.” He says anyone can be in a bad situation, those who are blessed are encouraged to help. "I firmly believe every single person has gifts and talents they can use, even when they are very poor and homeless, they have lots to offer in our world."

He says,“It is important to share whatever resources we have with those who are less well off.”

Whatever the call, Father Tommy is there. He organized teams of volunteers after Hurricane Katrina and the Pine Belt tornadoes.

“We went out of our way to try and help people with relief efforts and down in Edwards Street to help people there" he says.

According to Father Tommy helping others is part of his passion. “We work with those at the Field House for the Homeless and every time we bring them food and do prayer services for them, I come back with a better feeling than when I first arrived there.”

He hopes his deeds of kindness will create a ripple effect anywhere he goes. "People should work together and be aware of the situation and not point fingers, but reach out and try to help in any way they can."

“I think its great for people to see us as Pastors out and about visiting them and physically seeing us" he says.

He continues, "...and see what we are able to do, kind of being like their cheerleader.”



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