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HS Game of the Week: Oak Grove vs. Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Oak Grove (3-0) will be playing against Hattiesburg (3-0) Friday night.

Both teams are looking for their fourth straight win, which should make for an enticing game.

"We both got a ton of athletes. We got guys on both sides that can really run and makes plays. So, it should be an entertaining game," said Oak Grove head coach, Drew Causey.

"The team that makes the least amount of mistakes, the team that goes out and executes the game plan the best they can, and plays the hardest is probably going to win the football game," said Hattiesburg head coach, Tony Vance.

The Tigers are led by their running backs, Fabian Franklin, who has verbally committed to play for Mississippi State, and Drexlan Allen.

"Me and Drexlan bring a lot to our offense because we're our main big threat. I think we play a big part in our offense with running the ball because that's a big threat. They just can't stop me. And then also, Drexlan get in, they ain't going to be able to stop him. So, I think that's a good combination," said Franklin.

The Warriors have a talented offense as well. And junior wide receiver, Kevin Barnett, who has offers from Ole Miss, Northwestern, and Marshall is one of the team's big playmakers. And he is ready to do his thing in this game.

"I know they like to play Cover 2 and man a lot. And I like man. So, I'm going to have a good time I think," said Barnett.

Although the season is still early, both coaches believe their teams may be destined to have a special year.

"You don't have one guy just playing for himself. You got all guys on the team playing for each other, and that makes for something special," said Causey.

"They go out each and every day, and they give us all they got. That's all I can ask for as a head coach. When they come out and I hear them make statements like 'hey, we're going to do this for Coach Vance,' that just lets me know as a head football coach they've bought in the way we do things, and they're on board and they're all in," said Vance.

The game will take place at Hattiesburg High School.

Kickoff is at 7 p.m.



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