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Hurricane Irma evacuees find temporary home at Paul B. Johnson State Park

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Hurricane Irma forced many Floridians to evacuate their homes.

Some of them have been staying at Paul B. Johnson State Park for the time being.

"Experience from Hurricane Andrew made us believe: showing the difference in size of the amount of damage it was going to cause. We decided to evacuate our whole family," said Miami resident, Gustavo Montoya.

Montoya brought over a dozen family members with him to Mississippi, and is glad they all came along.

"We had wind gusts of 100 mph in our area. A lot of damage in our home. We have no power. All of our family in different areas of the city have no power. Luckily, no homes were flooded," said Montoya.

"There's over 3,000 people in my area that are without power. And without power, that means there's no gas available. There's no grocery stores available. So unless you're counting on the Red Cross, you're just not going to be able to comfortably survive," said Ft. Myers resident, John Lukas.

The Florida Keys and Naples areas felt the most impact from Hurricane Irma.

"It could've been worse. But unfortunately, it was worse for other people. One man's win is another man's loss. And the Keys and Naples was that for us," said Miami resident, Maurice Silva.

Campers said they will head back to Florida whenever the roads are clear and the power is back on.



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