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Bellevue's proposed mayor hoping to speak with Hattiesburg mayor

BELLEVUE, MS. - The proposed mayor of Bellevue, John Adcock, is hoping to build a good relationship with the new Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker.

According to the discouraged Adcock he has made unsuccessful attempts to meet with Mayor Barker regarding the incorporation of Bellevue.

In May the Bellevue community announced it received enough signatures to file and become an official city. Becoming a city will stop Hattiesburg's strip annexation along Highway 98 says Adcock.

“We are not okay with the annexation that Hattiesburg is proposing because it goes to the heart of Bellevue."

He adds, "It is either going to have to be their annexation or the city of Bellevue and we have a lot of signatures in this community supporting the incorporation of Bellevue."

As Hattiesburg's new mayor, Barker walked into the controversial annexation in July and since then Adcock says he has been trying to meet with Mayor Barker, but no date has officially been set.

Adcock says, "I think at a certain point the new city administration of Hattiesburg has to make a determination, whether they are going to respect the will of this community, or if they are going to try and run all over that.”

Becoming an official city can stop Hattiesburg's annexation plans from taking Bellevue's revenue and commercial sales tax.

Adcock says he wants to work with the city of Hattiesburg. "At least try to see where we can find some common ground where we can work together and have a partnership."

"He indicated to me when he initially talked that he would like for that to happen, but it hasn’t happened, and there really hasn’t been an effort to make that happen.”

Adcock says the incorporation of Bellevue will benefit the residents and the city of Hattiesburg.

"Quite frankly Hattiesburg has a lot of very expensive expenses and challenges in front of them right now, they do not need to take on any more and spend tax payer money right here, Bellevue can handle Bellevue.”

On Tuesday Adcock sent the following formal letter to Mayor Barker requesting to meet.

According to the city's spokeswoman, Samantha McCain, Mayor Barker has yet to receive the letter.

"We have not received this letter and when we do, the Mayor will review it in the same scope that we review all correspondence and requests" says McCain.

This month Lamar County Chancery Court Judge will seek any objections about Bellevue becoming an incorporation. “I am certainly still open to it (meeting Mayor Barker), I feel like we have made every effort to make that happen and now the ball is on their court" says Adcock.

The hearing will take place September 25 at the Lamar County Chancery Court.



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