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Hattiesburg's art connection, Dr. Mike Lopinto continues to thrive

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - University of Southern Mississippi's School of Music Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator, Dr. Mike Lopinto continues to make great strides in the community and bring high level of recognition to USM's arts program.

From event planning to teaching and even performing - Dr. Lopinto is one of Hattiesburg's go to art culture connection.

“I feel like the small town nature of what we have here has offered me an opportunity that I might not have in New York, that I might not have anywhere else. Maybe I would’ve fought through the hundreds of other people that would’ve wanted to do something like this,” Lopinto stated on the set of Phantom of the Opera.

Lopinto said his passion of creating events for others motivates him everyday.

“I don’t care if anybody doesn’t remember my name ever, about anything, I hope that they go Phantom inspired me to get into theater, Mary Poppins did this and I pursued my career because of that, or the art classes for children made me want to paint and do these things,”

He shared if a person takes a leap of faith and be successful, that person will end up exactly where they desire.



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