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USM's Online Nursing Program Nationally Ranked In Two Categories

USM's online nursing master's degree program ranked as one of the nation's best schools in two different categories. The director, Dr. Lachel Story takes pride in the USM program.

"For 2018, we were ranked nationally fourteenth for the top master's online programs in the United States," Dr. Story said. "Ninety-Five percent of our students pass their certification exams last year."

Despite USM's excellent program, many people are more concerned about the price of the school rather than the quality of the education. However, Dr. Story says the program is very affordable.

"The other ranking that we are really proud of is that we were number twenty-four in the country for affordable masters online programs," Dr. Story explained.

A quality education at an affordable price. This is the reason why Dr. Story believes everyone should at least think about attending the program.

"I would tell anybody choose USM because they are going to get a high quality education here," Dr. Story said. "They are going to get some one on one experience with some highly dedicated staff and faculty members that really care about their success."



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