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Senator John Polk's Thoughts About Sheriffs Using Radar

Jones County sheriff, Alex Hodge, talked about the benefits of using radar.

"It gives us a tool that would save lives," Hodge said.

However, Mississippi Senator, John Polk says some are skeptical when it comes to sheriffs using radar.

"The only argument I heard going against it is the one about it becoming some type of quote, profit center for a county," Polk said.

Senator Polk explained those fighting against using radar say this could be a big problem, but he goes on to explain that people are really on both sides of the fence with the issue.

"Well it depends on who you talk to, some of my constituents think it is time for this to happen. Some are adamantly against it," Senator Polk said. "So it is a hot button type of issue."

Senator Polk says he hasn't made up his mind just yet.

"I could be for a bill, depending on how it is written and what the restrictions are for sheriffs having access to use radar," Polk explained.

However, the distribution of money seems to be the biggest hold up for senator Polk.

"The main thing that I want to do is make sure that it, some of my constituents have voiced concern that it might turn into some type of center. For instance, sometimes you will have what you call speed traps," Senator Polk further explained.

Despite, the two opposing views. Senator Polk still believes there is a solution.

"But I think we could write the law such that, we could make sure we that did not become the issue," Senator Polk said.

Mississippi lawmakers are expected to take up the county radar bill in January.



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