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Charles Carter says connecting with people influences his performance

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - One local musicians has traveled across the Eastern and Pine Belt region to bring people together with his rhythm and tune. Charles Carter also known as 'the one man band' or 'one man show' was born in Purvis and found his love for music during his childhood.

"The track with the James Ingram, the song just once was on there, I sung it for them and request start coming in from the particular place,” said Charles Carter.

He said as a child he utilized his sister's flute because, it was the only instrument in they owned.

"Me playing the flute is a direct result of my big sister playing it in high school. It was the instrument that was in the house, my mom couldn’t afford anything else,” He shared that eventually came to him, his performances were shows rather than a band. “I’m a self proclaimed EJ, now you heard of DJs, Disc Jockeys. I’m an Entertainment Jockey because I’m actually the DJ, the singer and the jazz player all in one show,”

The exclusion and memories of his past allows him to connect with people today, "So rather I’m singing or playing my horns, or [disc jockeying]. If I’m [disc jockeying], I’m playing the artist’s original songs, I don’t perform any Bruno Mars but, I’ll play is music,”

As a DJ, musician, singer and sound engineer, Carter said he plans to keep bringing people together within creative spaces.



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