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Spirit of Women: Girl's Day Out 2017

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Forrest General's Spirit of Women hosted the annual Girls' Day out at Southern Oaks House and Garden.

Attendees enjoyed fun activities, shopping and valuable health information. Health care officials spoke on the importance of exercise and clean eating habits.

"So the quality of your food is super important. It’s not just quantity and it’s about getting on the right kind of lifestyle not just in terms of diet of calories going in and calories out," said Dr. Claudia Karam of Functional and Interactive Medicine of Hattiesburg Clinic.

Karam shared that it's important for people to understand the concept of getting involved into an active lifestyle. As an official of the Functional and Interactive Medicine department, she said her team now has the ability to use technology for personalized results,"...we also have the ability now to look at advance testing to get personalized information, to get each person’s health to get them on the right path for their specific health issues,”

Wellness Coordinator of Forrest General Hospital, Kimberly Huddleston said the journey to better self care intersects with learning in unity with others. " Everybody has a testimony that they want to share sometimes and this gives us a great opportunity for us to share our testimony and empower each other, in different ways on this journey,”



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