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City of Hattiesburg Releases Paving Schedule through May 2018

The following press release is from the City of Hattiesburg.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi – With $2.3 million appropriated for paving in Fiscal Year 2018, the City of Hattiesburg announces its paving schedule for every ward through May 2018. City administration used requests from city council members, the percentage of miles in each ward and recent paving work in previous years to create a robust list of paving projects for each area of Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker stated that a goal in his commitment to infrastructure investment is to help every neighborhood see progress each year and to also make sure neighborhoods are aware of when streets will be paved. “The City Council and our administration prioritized infrastructure in the Fiscal Year 2018 budget, which allows us to address some of the many paving needs we have in Hattiesburg,” said Barker. “We continue to build transparency, collaboration and equity in how these dollars are spent, and this first paving schedule stands as a product of that effort.” Barker also adds that other streets may be added as the city moves forward with this list, but that it serves as a blueprint for what residents can expect. All schedules are subject to weather constraints. The list of streets to be paved includes (by ward):

Ward 1

  • Fairlake Circle

  • Farilake Drive

  • Lake Estates Drive (north)

  • Montague Boulevard (USM campus to N 37th Avenue)

  • Southern Miss Drive

Ward 2

  • Short 7th Street

  • Short 8th Street

  • Short 9th Street

  • Currie Street

  • Oak Street

  • Morton Street

  • Duke Avenue

  • Ruby Avenue*

  • Magnolia Avenue*

Ward 3

  • S 30th Avenue

  • S 31st Avenue

  • S 37th Avenue

  • Chevy Chase Drive

  • Sharmont Drive

Ward 4

  • 2nd Avenue (Hardy to W Pine)

  • 3rd Avenue

  • 5th Avenue

  • 8th Avenue

  • Corinne St (Hardy to 3rd Avenue)

  • 1st Terrace

  • 2nd Terrace

  • 3rd Terrace

  • Dearborne Street

  • Dixie Avenue

  • N 11th Avenue

  • N 17th Avenue

Ward 5

  • Breland Street

  • Ollie Street

  • Annie Christie Lane

  • Jervis Mims Road

  • Highland Avenue

  • Satchel Road

  • Stepts Avenue

  • Travillion Road



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