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SCAR's Jail And Bail

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Jones County leaders and businessmen participated in Southern Cross Animal Rescues (SCAR) first "Jail for Bail" fundraiser Friday.

"First ever Jail and Bail, its something we want to do for a long time. Its just a fun way to get the community involved and get some of our city leaders and prominent folks in the community out to help us out," SCAR president, Heather Williams said. "This is our first one, so we kept it small."

Jail and Bail is a fundraiser, and the idea of the fundraiser is to bail out prisoners by making a donation to the organization. The prisoners consisted of prominent members of the community, including two mayors.

"We agreed to be locked up today to raise money for SCAR, and it's been tremendous," the mayor of Laurel, Johnny MaGee said.

"First time I've been locked up for one of these events," the mayor of Ellisville, Lynn Buckhaults said. "But it was very worth wild. I appreciate the opportunity to do it, and I think we raised them some money."

The money raised at Friday's fundraiser will go towards helping animals that are currently in SCAR's care.

"We have over two-hundred dogs in our care right now. Over one-hundred-twenty cats right now... and it's expensive to do everything they need so this is a fun way to raise money," Williams said. "We were hoping to raise at least two-thousand dollars today, and I think we're getting close to that. Hopefully, we'll exceed that."

SCAR exceeded their original goal of raising 2,000 dollars by raising more than 5,000 dollars.

"We're going strong, we're steadily growing, we're saving more and more lives," Williams said. "Our shelters are so full right now. "I mean this couldn't have come at a better time."

SCAR hopes this fundraiser becomes an annual event. For more information about SCAR visit



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