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USM Basketball Tournament

USM hosted a wheelchair basketball tournament over the weekend. USM's Adapted Sports, president, Sylvester Crosby along with the rest of his teammates thought this would be a good way to bring wheelchair sports to the community.

"We basically want to introduce the wheelchair sports to the community," Crosby said. "We want the community to understand we have wheelchair sports available. They don't have to sit at home and not do anything."

Immediately, one of Crosby's teammates followed up his point about how sporting events can help people with disabilities.

"It gets people with disabilities out to do different things like basketball," USM's Adapted Sports, basketball guard, Robbie Sullivan said. "A lot of people are just sitting on the couch at home thinking they can't do anything after they get hurt or have an accident with their disability. They can come out here and get in touch with us, and join the team and get back into sporting activities. You know, they can get back active."



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