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Science Center and other facility developments underway in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The value of tourism continues to increase in Hattiesburg with facilities like the Saenger Theater, Hattiesburg Zoo and other Museum attractions.

Executive Director of Hattiesburg Convention Commission, Rick Taylor, shared his desire to grow his hometown lead him to his current career.

"It’s very exciting, and very pleasing for me to be able to maybe share some of what I’ve learned and seen in other tourist areas for Hattiesburg,” said Taylor

In addition to Taylor's development of the Hattiesburg Zoo, Saenger theater and other facilities, his team plans to build a science center near Hardy Street.

“In the state of Mississippi, there is no hands on interactive museum that really focuses on STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. As a result to that we have an opportunity to in the way of tourism to create an attraction that will pull from all over the state of Mississippi. In addition to this museum’s ability to draw people to Hattiesburg and grow our economy it’s most important for a link for pre-teens and teenagers,”

He said Hattiesburg has a story of uniqueness that ties in with a cosmopolitan perspective. “Yes we’re in Mississippi but, we are not hamstrung...we are not limited in what we can do. We just have to have a commitment. Hattiesburg is unique, Hattiesburg thinks outside the box already,"

Taylor said the development of facilities in Hattiesburg will allow opportunities for Hattiesburg Public School students to apply classroom knowledge into action.

“If you think about preteens and teens they want to be hands on. They want to do. They don’t want to just watch, they want to touch, they want to experiment. That how you learn and so we definitely believe that this will be a fantastic edition outside of the formal classroom,”

Rick Taylor will continue to oversee the Lake Terrace Convention Center, Saenger Theater, Hattiesburg Zoo and other attractions.



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