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Purvis High School Honors Veterans

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Purvis High School's, Student Council honored veterans Wednesday by having an early morning breakfast for the men and women who have served in our armed forces. "Well we do a Veteran's Day Program every year and this year we decided that we wanted to be more personal so we decided to do a breakfast forum," Purvis High School's, Student Council president, Kennedy Hudson said. "They are the reason why we are here today, and why we have freedom... and we just want to give back to them and make it special for them just like they've made everyday life special for us."

During Wednesday's breakfast, the student council recognized Bill Taylor as "Veteran of the Year" for his 23 years of service. Taylor described Wednesday's breakfast as a heart-warming event

"It means a whole lot to the veterans here in Purvis and in Lamar County. These young people reached out to us and provided us with this recognition and honor," Taylor said.

. Hudson felt Wednesday's breakfast touched her personally being that she has family members who once served.

"My grandfather served in Korea and then my great-grandfather served in one of the world wars, and then my paw-paw served in another war," Hudson explained.

This is one of the many reasons why these veterans hold a special place in Hudson's heart.

"They just hold a special place in our heart. Like I said, They've given us our freedom to do everything... freedom with friends, freedom to just walk," Hudson said. "They just put everything into perspective for us."



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