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'Spearhead' Brigade Honored Six Retiring Army Soldiers at Camp Shelby

HATTIESBURG, MISS - 'Spearhead' Brigade honored six retiring first army soldiers at Camp Shelby. "These soldiers spent you know twenty-years in the army," Lt. Col. Kirk J. Junker said. "They don't do it just for the paycheck. It's because they love something, and they love their families and the soldiers they serve with." Twenty years of blood, sweat, and tears. "Just happy, I was about to cry," Sgt. 1st Class, Taruisa Johnson said. "You know a big bad scout about to cry about retiring, but it's worth it. Just to go home now, and see this woman [Sgt. Johnson's wife, Linda Johnson] everyday when I open the door. It's all I want... my dream came true."

After 20 years, Sgt. Johnson along with five other soldiers are hanging their combat boots up, and retiring from the United States Army. Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg held a special "Celebration of Service" for these six soldiers.

"To see them depart is sad, but we are also happy to know they made it," Lt. Col. Junker said. "They're going to move on to another chapter of their life with their families."

"It's going to be rewarding," Sgt. Johnson's wife, Linda Johnson said. "Cause I get to have him home and see him all the time... and not have to worry about where he's at, and when will I hear from him for days and months. So, I'm blessed to have him home finally."

Now, Sgt. Johnson can fulfill his promise to his son that he made five years ago.

"I said this will be the first, last, and only time daddy will ever put anyone or anything before you," Sgt.

Johnson said. "I can finally say to my son... daddy is coming home." Families reunited for good with no more duties left... mission complete.



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