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Two new firefighters join Hattiesburg Fire Department

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Mayor Toby Barker swore in two fire fighter lateral transfers Monday at City Hall.

The new firemen, Kentavius Reed is from Claiborne County Fire Department and James Yawn is from Collins Fire Department. Fire Chief Paul Presley shared the new team members are a great addition to the force.

“We honor the dangers these professionals face. They begin their shift with an ever present reality of uncertainty and with my first four months as mayor, I have personally witnessed the circumstances a fire fighter can face. Whether it’s a car accident, hotel fire, missing child or medical call,” said Mayor Toby Barker.

Fire Chief Paul Presley said he is actively recruiting to fill anywhere between 15 to 20 spots for the fire department. He highly encourages applicants to consider patience, community service and physical strength capability to endure daily responsibilities.



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