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Smart 911

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – AAA Ambulance Services encourages Pine Belt residents to use a new website called Smart 911.

“Smart 911 is a true game-changer,” AAA Ambulance Services' Chief of Information and Technology, Andy Geske said. “It changed the way we take a 911 call.”

Over 32 million people are using Smart 911. The website allows people to create a detailed medical profile, which emergency personnel can see when the person calls 911.

“You create that profile and you maintain that profile,” Geske said.

The profile allows first responders access to get vital information.

“Let’s take it a step further, you can actually draw a picture of the inside of your house on… so if you have someone that is living with you ambulate [can’t move], can’t get out of bed, and your house catches on fire. The fire department can actually know where that person is in those rooms, as well with Smart 911,” Geske said.

These minor details that are filled out on your Smart 911 profile, helps emergency responders see what precautions they need to take when trying to stabilize a victim, by looking at the person’s medical history that is already filled out on Smart 911.

This enhanced 911 system also gives dispatchers a new form of communication.

“It also gives us the opportunity to start texting you,” Geske said. “Whether there is an assailant in your house and you’re hiding, and you don’t want to be found. Then you can text us through that… we can start that text with you.”

This helps first responders tend to your needs.

“In the past, like I said you wouldn’t have that opportunity,” Geske said. “You wouldn’t have the availability of texting without Smart 911.”

This new enhanced system provides itself to be more valuable each and everyday.

“It’s invaluable… I can tell you that we have saved lives with Smart 911, and people just don’t know about it,” Geske said. “But it’s… it’s free to the consumer, it’s encrypted, one-hundred percent secure, and I would highly recommend it for everybody.”



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