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Local nurse says 'hope and quality of life' makes the difference for Pinebelt patients

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Brad Massey is a Hattiesburg Nurse Practitioner who finds passion in caring for others.


“I went to USM and I went to nursing school through a ROTC scholarship. Subsequently [I] was in the army for about eight years as a nurse in the army, did a lot of neat stuff there. I moved around the country with that. Then when I got out of the army, I went back to nurse practitioner school at UAB in Birmingham,” said Brad Massey.

After years of traveling, working and providing medical treatment for patients – he began his own health care practice. The name of his practice is Pioneer Health Care.

"You know our focus is not on how much money can we make with this practice, our focus is on doing a good job and doing the right thing,”

Massey is the 2014 Forrest General Hospital Humanitarian Award recipient and he shared that nurses should continue using their skills to provide a sense of quality, life and hope. “Giving that person – showing them compassion, showing them concern, giving them time, you know? Time. It conveys hope and gives them a better quality of life,” Outside of knowing God will take care of all things, he said the results of his patient's health development brings everything full circle. “The fruits of my labor, I think that’s what keeps me going,”



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