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Snow Fall in Hattiesburg (pictures and more)

HATTIESBURG, MISS - The Pine Belt received a rare treat Friday morning with the ground covered in snow. During this period of snow, FOX 23 had the chance to interview residents of the Pine Belt, and ask them how do they feel about the snow and what was the best part. One Hattiesburg man described it as a scene of beauty. "It's absolutely amazing," Hattiesburg resident, John Cline said. "It's very refreshing we haven't had this in about four years. So, we're overdue for South Mississippi and I'm really enjoying it." Another Hattiesburg man said he enjoyed spending time with his family during the weather. "Just getting another opportunity to hang out with your kids, and make memories running around out here in the snow with them is fun," Hattiesburg resident, David Grayson said. "Yeah, just spending time with the family that's what it's about."



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