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Winter Weather Advisory

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - The Emergency management district wants to put drivers on notice to take extra precautions Friday morning when they head to work. The county is currently under a weather advisory. "Right now we are under a winter weather advisory. I anticipate that being upgraded to a winter storm warning later on this afternoon," The Emergency Management District's, executive director, Glen Moore said. "A winter storm warning is a little more severe. You're looking at the very least two inches of snowfall and you do anticipate some kind of road hazards with people driving. The most important thing for the public to keep in mind is to get up in the morning a little earlier than you normally would and leave for work a little bit earlier so you can slow down and take your time. Also, contact your local officials and see what your road conditions are before you head to work." Freezing temperatures could remain around tell Monday, so be on the lookout for any ice or other road hazards.



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