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Book Signing in Hattiesburg, A Mississippi Palate

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Caters Market in Meridian played host to a book signing of A Mississippi Palate.

“We’re touring around with it right now," says co-author Robert St. John. "It started at the end of October. And next week is the end of the book tour.”

Robert St. John and Wyatt Waters are tow local Mississippians who wrote a cookbook called A Mississippi Palate. It’s full of recipes and watercolors that are sure to keep your mouth salivating.

“It’s our 4th collaboration together. It’s his water colors and my recipes and it really covers the entire state. We’re Mississippi themed.

And this dynamic duo, became a team, almost two decades ago.

“Robert and his wife Jill showed up to the gallery in Clinton," says Wyat Waters. "And Robert was talking about an idea for a book that used food and art and stories to tell about southern culture. And that was our first book, Southern Seasons.”

And from there they started their own publishing company.

“We wanted a coffee table cookbook with Wyatts beautiful watercolors in it. You will recognize that if you are here in Meridian. So, we wanted to do full color and we started a publishing company and that first book came out and it sold out in 3 weeks. And then the second printing sold out in 3 months. And it just kind of became this thing that connected with people.



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