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Traveling during the Holidays

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Right now is the busiest time of year for airlines and the Hattiesburg airport is no different. The Hattiesburg airport is starting to see their number of flights increase while people are making their way to their destinations for the holidays. Hattiesburg’s airport executives say the key to traveling over the holidays is to be patient. “The most important thing you need to be is patient,” the executive director for the Hattiesburg Airport, Tom Heanue said. “You know the airline is going to be way overloaded. This is predicted to be one of the biggest travel times over the course of every year... you know just be patient. We are supposed to love our fellow man, and traveling does put a little taxing on that, but let’s just try to be patient and you will get where you're going to go, just enjoy yourselves and have a happy holiday.” Airports also want you to be vigilant while traveling, if you see something that may look wrong or out of the ordinary please contact airport officials.



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