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How Retail Stores Benefit From the day After Christmas

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - It’s the day after Christmas, and lines to return items could get pretty long. “The returns look as long, if not a little bit stronger than last year,” Academy Sports and Outdoors, store director, Jim Lamb said. Academy is one of the many stores seeing people return merchandise the day after Christmas. However, Lamb says this it's not a bad thing. “We don't have any figures yet on it, but we're having a fair amount of returns brought back to our store today, but they are shopping with us,” Lamb said. “They are going throughout the store not only returning but buying merchandise.” Which is ultimately good for business, and by bringing crowds into the store for a return, Academy is able to show customers their new after Christmas deals. “Yeah, man. You know it's cold and I had to get in a game of golf, but I also needed some tennis shoes. So, I saw a good deal on some before Christmas but didn't get them then... So, I’m back here now and I’m just looking around,” an Academy customer, Charles Carter said. “I see they have some sales going on, so we are going to try to take advantage of those.” “We’re out looking for some deals. Looking for some after Christmas deals,” another Academy customer, Kelly Welborn said. “We are finding lots stuff. Yep, we had lots of luck and we are going home with a full car.” So, what started out as a return, actually turned into a purchase. Allowing retail stores like academy to benefit from the day after Christmas.



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