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The Mississippi State Lottery will be Voted on at the next Legislative Session.

Mississippi's State Senator, Joey Fillingane holds a seat as the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Fillingane is on the record saying he opposes the idea of the state having a state lottery, but he will let the bill pass through his committee.

“Most people think that if you were to pass the lottery all this money is going to pile into the state that has been hemorrhaging from the state for the past so many years, and it is just going to fix all of our monetary problems, and fill all the budget holes… that's just simply not the case,” Sen. Fillingane explained. “There's been a house study committee that's been looking at the lottery specifically over the past few months, and their best guesstimate is that it would bring in eventually somewhere between fifty-million and one-hundred-million dollars. Which of course is a substantial amount of dollars, but when you're talking about billions of dollars in the budget that we deal with year to year. It really just a small drop in the bucket.” The lottery will be one of the many topics talked about at the upcoming legislative session.



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