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Regions Bank Raises It's Minimum Wage and More!

HATTIESBURG MISS. – Officials at Regions Bank announced that they will be raising the minimum wage salary for entry-level employees from 12 to 15 dollars per hour. The increase in salary could put as much as 6,000 dollars in full-time employee’s pockets by the end of the year, and that's not all officials are planning. "There are three things… One, we’re raising the minimum wage from about twelve dollars an hour to fifteen dollars. The second thing, we're adding forty million dollars to our charitable foundation. The third thing, is we are increasing our capital expenditures budget buy one-hundred million dollars. Fifty percent more than we did in twenty-seventeen,” Region Bank’s President for South Mississippi, Greg Garraway said. “We're really excited about this, we're excited about getting out early this year with this announcement. We announced this last week and we're excited about the positive feedback we've gotten on this." Regions Bank employs more residents in Hattiesburg than any other bank. The bank also says these benefits are not only good for the employees, but they are also good for the community, overall.



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