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Medal of Honor Character Development Program Visits Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - The Medal of Honor Foundation presented its Character Development Curriculum program to approximately 40 local educators at the Lake Terrace Convention Center, Tuesday morning. The program educates teachers about how they can help develop the character of their students using the stories of United States heroes. “The program itself was built around a series of vignettes. Where videos were made of Congressional Medal of Honor recipients telling their story. The videos were found to be so powerful that they hired a group of teachers in Erie, Pennsylvania to actually write the curriculum to go around and they wrote lesson plans, and said let's put this in the schools, instead of being stuck in the museum somewhere,” the regional curriculum trainer for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, George Chip said. “Well, once they did that they realized immediately the effect it had on schools around the country... I believe we have 42 states right now, that are actually utilizing the program and it grows constantly.” The program does 60 training each year, and they have 71 Medal of Honor recipients working with their program and attending the programs trainings.



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