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Field House for the Homeless, Resident Receives a Car as a Donation, and Field House residents say &

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Homeless shelters housed hundreds of residents Tuesday night, due to the brutally cold weather and the wintry mix we have experienced in the past 24 hours. Wednesday, these residents wanted to thank the community for looking out for them. Many members of the homeless community, see shelters such as Field House for the Homeless, as a blessing. “I'm blessed to have a place like this to come, and it means a lot to a lot of people,” Field House for the Homeless resident, Bill Roberts said. Tuesday night the shelter, reached out to as many people as it possibly could until reaching the shelter's maximum capacity. “Yeah, we are pretty much at capacity… It's amazing how many people we do house,” Field House for the Homeless Manager, Mike DiRosa said. Residents of the Field House took time Wednesday to express their gratitude to the shelter, and the community donors that help the shelter function. “It means a lot… not just obviously being able to dodge the weather and have a place to lay your head, but also to have nutritional substances," Field House for the Homeless resident, Cali Morrison said. "This place is more than just a shelter... At least for me it is.” “We wouldn't have a lot of what we have without donations,” Roberts chimed in when speaking about community donors. “The clothing, the blankets, and the jackets. Especially jackets at this time of year.” “I don't think a lot of people realize how much good they're doing. Yeah, you drop off some clothes and everything, but you don't think of it as much,” DiRosa said. “But, the ocean is made of a lot of little drops, and it's those little drops that add up and keep this place going.” Recently, one little drop turned into a big splash when resident Floyd Brisco received a car as a donation. “I'm very thankful and it is a blessing,” Brisco said. Brisco received the donation after several members of the community noticed him walking from the Field House on US-49 to his job at the Pepsi Bottling Group manufacturer, a distance of nearly 8 miles one way. Which is one of the many miraculous stories that often happen at the Field House, according to the manager. “There's a lot of God here. I've seen more miracles in this place since I’ve been here than I’ve seen in my whole life,” DiRosa said. Which is the reason why these residents and staff members want to say, "thank you" to the Pine Belt community. “I'm just thankful for the Field House… and the people here,” Brisco said. Once again, the Field House would like to thank everyone for their support, and if you have any donations you want to drop off at the shelter, visit the Field House for the Homeless on US-Highway-49. Also, another shelter open Wednesday for warm housing is the Safe Room at the Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center.



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