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Recent Update About a Dog Fighting Ring Uncovered in Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, MISS. - The story of a dog fighting ring in Waynesboro continues to unfold. Wayne County deputies discovered the dog fighting ring on Sunday. Recently, they made one arrest, and they say they could be making more soon. “Two pit bulls go into a pit, it's a fight till the death,” Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley explained. “There's only one that comes out that wins. This pit that we discovered Sunday was badly scarred and bleeding real bad. It had been attacked.” Sheriff Ashley describes the disturbing discovery he and the Wayne County Sheriff's Department made Sunday after finding a pit bull critically injured in a dog fighting ring. The Wayne County Sheriff's Department rescued several dogs from the location but was unable to rescue the dog in the ring, which had to be euthanized. Ashley says majority of criminals fight dogs in Mississippi due to the weak dog fighting punishments the state administers. “From what I understand, they are coming from Louisiana and Alabama because they have stiffer laws than we do here in Mississippi,” Ashley said. “So, I hope the state legislator today will address this issue.” Ashley advocates felony charges for anybody involved in dog fighting, even if the person is just watching. “The state legislator is coming out with a new law. It needs to get stronger,” Ashley explained. “Because let me tell you something, like for people participating just watching it, only a thousand dollar fine… That's a slap on the wrist.” Currently, Ashley made one arrest in his most recent operation. Investigators found Randy Sumrall trying to destroy evidence of the dog fighting ring. Now, with one arrest down, Ashley says his work is still not done with the dog fighting operation quite yet. He still expects to make more arrests. “We've busted this ring up and we're going to look for more rings” Ashley said. “If they [the public] have any leads that can help us with these dog fights. Please contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department at 601-375-2323 or Crime Stoppers at 601-735-3801. The public has the input we need to help stop these fights.”



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