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Hattiesburg nurse recognized as role model at Forrest General Hospital

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - There's a nurse in Hattiesburg with a reputation of providing her 100 percent best effort, 100 best of time.

“I was very blessed to learn at an early age that I just wanted to be a nurse. The opportunities years ago was not such that women went into the medical field as a physician so the next best thing was to become a nurse,” said Forrest General Hospital Emergency Room Nurse, Betty Bly Hatten.

Her co-workers and friends describe her as an excellent role model with impeccable work ethic. The FGH staff shared that she finds different ways to spread joy in the hospital and community.

“I love helping children. They need me. I love the Aldersgate mission at our church...Main Street Methodist participates in and supports. I love working with organizations like the American Heart Association, the Cancer Society. I love being able to help people in need with cancer,"

As she fulfills the role as a model employee for Forrest General, Hatten said her inspiration is empathy and compassion. “The patient is first, the families are second and your co-workers are third,” She shared that everyone has an opportunity to be a better person each new day.



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