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Gold Star Monument Coming to Camp Shelby

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – Forrest County plans to land a Gold Star monument at the Camp Shelby Army Base. The Gold Star monument honors all the fallen soldiers who died serving our country. Monday morning, the Forrest County Board of Supervisors gave an update regarding status the monument. “Mr. Scardino came in a year or more ago and asked the board to contribute to a Gold Star monument out at Camp Shelby, the broad was obliged,” Forrest County Board of Supervisors President, David Hogan said. “I believe we gave twenty-five-hundred dollars, and he has gone out and raised over fifty-thousand dollars now... And that monument will be placed out at Camp Shelby.” “I'm doing this for all Gold Star family members,” Leonard Scardino of Oak Grove, and father of a deceased veteran said. “I’m hoping to stand up for them, so they'll have a place they can go to and they can stand and watch. Also, to let the world know that when a soldier goes down, the family also has to deal with that for the rest of their lives. “ These monuments normally cost $50,000 apiece, and there could be five of them added to the state of Mississippi. Camp Shelby will receive the first monument.



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