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The Hattiesburg School Board approves the election date for a 22.5M bond

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - The Hattiesburg School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved two resolutions, Tuesday evening. The resolutions focus on a bond renewal, which would give the district $22.5 million to make school renovations. Also, the bond would come at zero additional cost to the taxpayers. “We did a facilities audit and we visited our schools and we saw the need for some maintenance, primarily with our heating and air units, and just other structural things we need to do with our school district,” Board of Trustees President, Delores McNair said. “The passage of this resolution moved us in the right step to start looking at this and addressing these issues. So, our children will have safe and secure learning environments.” During the news conference, the Mayor of Hattiesburg, Toby Barker took the stand to address the public. “With its vote today, the Hattiesburg Public School District's Board of Trustees has stepped forward to try and meet the needs of our students at our schools, while also keeping Hattiesburg taxpayers in mind,” Barker said. “Again this bond renewal referendum for May 22nd will not raise taxes. Residents living inside the school district will simply be asked to keep millage at the same rate as it exists now.” Board members also voted to hold an election on the bond renewal May 22. Sixty percent of registered voters must approve the bond in order for it to pass.



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