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Pink Ribbon Fund continue to fund more breast cancer patients

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - There’s a local group of volunteers who empower and financially assist women battling breast cancer. The group refers to themselves as the Pink Ribbon Fund.

The Pink Ribbon Fund is a fundraising organization that provides financial assistance to breast cancer patients across the Pinebelt. “The Pink Ribbon is an organization that was organized about 13 years ago, by two or three women who actually did not have breast cancer…in fact one of them had a dear friend that passed away and that just gave her the momentum to do something for women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer,” said Pink Ribbon Fund Administrator, Kaye Ray.

Through annual fundraisers and corporate donations, the Pink Ribbon fund uses 100 percent of donations to help breast cancer patients pay medical expenses.

“We pay their medical bills we can provide gas cards for transportation. We’ll pay hospital and doctor. Sometimes we’ll help with prescription,”

Kaye Ray is the head administrator over the group and she said it is the best work she has ever done. “We pay up to $1,500 every six months for someone who applies for assistance and after their insurance pays, we’ll pay the balances and help them get rid of those bills that can cause a lot of stress,” she said some Pink Ribbon Fund volunteers fought breast cancer and others feel highly blessed to give back.

“A 27 year old was diagnosed last September. She wasn’t even going to send this in but she was working with one of our providers and she said ‘oh they don’t mind, you can have a 100,000 dollars in income, but they will still help you once your insurance is paid’,”

The ladies of the Pink Ribbon Fund understand treatment bills can be an ongoing process and they are proud to share they’ve helped 118 women and raised $102,000 over the course of 2017.



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