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A New Candidate Emerges for Wicker's U.S. Senate Seat

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - As Senator Chris McDaniel officially withdraws his name from the race for Sen. Roger Wicker's seat in the U.S. Senate another candidate has popped up. Richard Boyanton is new to Mississippi politics, the political newcomer has never served in a political office before. However, the Gulf Coast businessman and Vietnam veteran believes that will not make a big difference when he squares off with Wicker later in the year. “Watching Senator Wicker, he's a liberal Republican at best,” Boyanton said. “His voting for the spending going up, and up, and up. You figure that when he became a congressman we only had five trillion dollars worth of debt. Now, we have 21 trillion dollars worth of debt, and who's going to pay for this? Who's going to be responsible to pay for this debt? Our kids? They keep talking as if this is going to go away. What is it going to be… 25 trillion dollars in a couple of years? When does it stop? Somebody has to be responsible, and I don't believe he is. I don't think he is for Mississippi. We need a new senator.” Boyanton chose to run as a conservative Republican, and the primary election between him and Sen. Wicker will be held June 5.



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