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Local Softball Team prepares for the World Series

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - A local wheelchair softball team is preparing for the upcoming world series in Kansas City, Missouri in August.

The “South Deep Hurricanes” softball team partners with USM’s institute for disabilities to raise awareness about the struggles people with disabilities often face.

“We placed seventh two times in the world,” USM President for Adapted Sports Sylvester Crosby said. “Then in our last world series we actually placed sixth in the world, and this year we’re hoping to place in the top one or two.”

Those without physical disabilities are also encouraged to experience what it is like to compete in wheel chair sports.

“We want to encourage able bodies to do it as well,” CEO and founder of the Metro Area Community Empowerment. “We want to give people a chance to open their perspective, and it doesn’t matter what you go through.”

To learn more about participating in wheel chair sports, visit



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