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Lumberton Police Department recruiting officers

LUMBERTON, Miss. - Lumberton’s newest police chief is on a mission to clean up crime and drugs around the city.

“Coming back to the agency, I can see that we still have potential. It hasn’t moved forward much,” said Chief Page.

He believes there is no foundation of trust between the community and police department, "We’re the enemy. We’re actually here to serve. I know that most law enforcement mottoes are to serve and protect, but we want to serve protect and care,”

Authorities plan to clean up the drugs in Lumberton, “...people that have gone to jail stay in jail, people that deserve to be in jail don’t get back out on the street,” Page said.

In the meantime, the goal is to establish trust between the community and department.“We are going to bridge that gap between community and city government. We want people to trust us. We want to be a friend to the community,” he explained. He plans on establishing that re-connection with programs and local initiatives, "One of the programs is coffee with a cop and that gives the community an opportunity to sit and meet their police officers, their patrolmen, their supervisors, even their chief of police and just talk, just have a conversation,” he stated.

The department is currently hiring for part-time and full-time positions. For more information click here.



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