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Coaches Discuss When a Player Should Return from a Torn ACL

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - In just over a month, student-athletes will be back on the field for summer practice sessions, which is one of the reasons why South Central Sports Medicine met with coaches and athletes for their annual luncheon, Tuesday afternoon. The big topic, "Return to Play," highlights when student-athletes should return to their sport, after a major ACL injury. “So, we see almost 200,000 ACL injuries in the United States alone, per year,” an Orthopedic Surgeon from South Central Sports Medicine, Derrick Burgess said. “It's a pretty common injury. We see it in certain sports like soccer, basketball, football, sports that require a lot of cutting and pivoting. So, that's one of the more common injuries we see for ligaments in the knee.” Also, during the Coaches' Luncheon, South Central Sports Medicine honored student-athletes for their commitment to be great, both on the field and in the classroom. “It just makes me feel grateful,” a student-athlete from West Jones High School, Slade Hick said. “I just have the best family and coaches that just push me to work hard throughout the day. They really encourage me to do well in school, and I do my best. Then when we get on the practice field, we hit it hard and when it's game-time you know, I play my best.”



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