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Hattiesburg Announces $3.7 Million Water and Sewer Infrastructure Project for Ward 4 Neighborhood

This is a press release from the city of Hattiesburg.

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - On Monday, Mayor Toby Barker was joined by Councilwoman Mary Dryden and members of his administration to announce a significant water and sewer infrastructure project for Camp Street and surrounding areas.

“Our administration and the City Council are committed to tackling the brown water issue in our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Barker. “Moreover, we are committed to ensuring that every neighborhood continues to see progress with updating and replacing dated infrastructure.”

The project cost is $3.7 Million and will feature new water lines, lateral water improvements to individual houses (connecting them to properly sized 6”-8” lines that were installed prior to now) and new sewer lines.

The funding for this project came from a line of credit the city first designated for the construction of a wastewater treatment facility. However, with the city’s lagoons functioning properly and a settlement with Gulf Restoration Network, that funding has been redirected to infrastructure projects.

“This neighborhood fought for this project when they addressed the occurrence of brown water in the summer and fall of 2016 by coming to council meetings and voicing their concerns,” said Barker. “This project is a direct result of their hard work in conjunction with the steadfast work of our city engineer, our partnering engineers, our water and sewer director, the contractor and the past administration who helped get the idea off the ground.”

Residents in the Parkhaven neighborhood can expect to see work begin in the next 60 days, with anticipation that the project will take approximately 18-24 months for completion.

A breakdown of the work by line type and street includes:

New Water Lines

  • South 19th Avenue

  • Patton Avenue

  • South 20th Avenue

  • Camp Street

  • Stevens Drive

  • Eva Street

  • South 22nd Avenue

  • Brooklane Drive

  • South 24th Avenue

  • South 13th Avenue

Water Connections to Properly-Sized 6”-8” Lines That Were Installed Previously

  • South 25th Avenue

  • South 24th Avenue

  • South 19th Avenue

  • Adeline Street

New Sewer Lines

  • O’Ferral Street

  • Camp Street

  • Mamie Street

  • South 24th Avenue

  • Alleyway between South 24th and 25th Avenues

  • Alleyway between South 23rd and 22nd Avenues

  • Alleyway between South 22nd and 21st Avenues

  • South 21st Avenue

  • Alleyway between Stevens Drive and South 20th Avenue

  • South 20th Avenue

  • Alleyway between South 20th Avenue and Patton Avenue

  • Patton Avenue



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