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Defense Attorney Speaks Up for the Married Couple Charged in the "Large-Scale" Animal Crue

JONES COUNTY, MISS. – The attorney of a Jones County married couple, charged in a "large-scale" animal cruelty case speaks out Monday morning about his clients' case.

“This matter could've been solved by a knock on the door and talking to these people,” attorney, J. Ronald Parrish said.

July 11, the Jones County Sheriff's Department and the Humane Society of the United States seized nearly 100 animals from David and Mary Ellen Senne's property during an investigation about a large scale animal cruelty case. July 16, the couple walked out of the Jones County Justice Courthouse in chains. Later, to be freed without being required to pay bail, and facing one misdemeanor charge. “It's a planned publicity stunt,” Parrish said. “Which has no business in the criminal justice system.” Attorney Parrish explains his stance pointing to “Rule 18.9” underneath prohibited disclosures which states, “Prior to the conclusion of the trail, no defense attorney, prosecuting attorney, clerk, deputy clerk, law enforcement official or other officer of the court, may release or authorize release of any statement for dissemination by any means of public communication on any matter…” Parrish says he now fears for the safety of the Senne's, after seeing numerous vulgar posts on social media. “Well these people are not supposed to be tried on Facebook,” Parrish said. “They need to be tried down in justice court and they can present their evidence down there, but to stir up a public fury about these people is absolutely wrong and improper.” The couple appears in court again in November.



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