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Forrest County Board of Supervisors explain the Removal of the Pat Harrison Waterway District Buildi

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Many Forrest County residents voiced their frustration with the county's Board of Supervisors for demolishing the Pat Harrison Waterway District building. The building contained a mural that many residents say is an important piece of history.

Recently, Forrest County’s Board of Supervisors President, David Hogan explained why the board made this decision “The board made the decision to take the building down primarily by a request from Forrest General Hospital, to use that space for future medical expansions,” Hogan stated. The recent backlash the board received on social media caused board member, Chris Bowen to take to Facebook and explain the board’s decision. "It pains our board to have to make any decisions that might upset anyone," Bowen stated in his Facebook post. "FGH is not just filling beds for the sake of fun. Their 600 plus beds stay full, because rural hospitals are closing down, and we're fortunate to have a place to accommodate them." Unfortunately, Hogan stated that the board could not find a way to save the mural, and ultimately they had to do away with the entire building. “We did look at a way we could take the building and save the mural, but if you even touched it more tiles would fall off,” Hogan said. The board mentioned demolishing the Pat Harrison Waterway District office did not come as an easy decision, but their minds are set on the future and sometimes their decisions come with a price.



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