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Pine Belt Quilters assist in time of need

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – A local group called the Pine Belt Quilters spend many days, knitting and sewing together fabric. The group makes quilts and then sends them all across the country to people in need.

“We sent twenty-five to Florida to the hurricane victims, and we sent some to Houston when the flood was over there,” Mary McGee, a member of the Pine Belt Quilters said.

The group advocates for giving to people in need, and they believe something as small as a quilt can make all the difference in the world. “We don't usually use quilts for warmth anymore,” McGee said. “We use them for comfort and love. It just shows people that we care about them.” The group gives away quilts during the month of July and December. Last year the group gave away a total of 480 quilts, and this past July the group gave away a total of 160 quilts.



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