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State Superintendent visits Petal School District

PETAL, Miss. - State Superintendent of Education, Carey Wright, visits Petal School District Monday. Her trip is apart of the Celebration of Excellence Tour – a trip celebrating the 9 of 144 schools districts that have an 'A' status.

“They’re focusing on instruction all of the time. They’re not practicing for the test they’re not trying to get kids to do that test prep. They’re teaching to the standards each and every day and that’s showing in the results they are getting each and every day,” Dr. Wright explained about Petal School District. Petal School District Superintendent, Dr. Matt Dillon, says the proof is in the pudding. He states there's no secret to their high district-wide status. Pro-active students, teachers and community support ensures quality education. "Our community, as a whole just rallying around our school district to ensure we provide the best opportunities. You know we always talk about being Mississippi great but we also want to be nationally competitive,” said Dr. Dillon. According to Dillon, The district has maintained an ‘A’ status for three years and it has grown in every four major district categories.



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